Teach a Man to Fish…

October 6, 2018

Today Tony visited Abe Brown Ministries to learn more about the people it serves and to offer them encouragement.

Abe Brown began his mission in 1976 when one of his former football players was charged with murder. He realized he had taught young men how to play football but not how to live. Although he died in 2010, his organization continues to help ex-offenders get to know Jesus Christ and effectively transition from jail into society.

This is close to my heart, because it’s the same philosophy we follow,” Tony says. “It’s more valuable to teach a man to fish, than to feed him for a day. Helping him to acquire skills to support himself and his family, and to be a productive member of society, is a true gift.

Tony visited Abe Brown Ministries clients who are in Transitional Living, a 12-month program that gives ex-offenders a safe place to live while building a new life. Earlier this year, two of its homes were renovated and another was built.

It’s a struggle for these men when they come out of jail,” Tony says. “It’s important for them to have a clean, bright place to call home while they find a new way.

A crucial part of Transitional Living is its Ready4Work program. Young men attend several weeks of career development training and life-skills classes and can rely on life-coaching, support groups and drug counselling.

Tony took some time to address the students.

You’re in the right place,” Tony told them. “God brought you here. This is what you need to get you from where you were to the end of your journey.