Celebrating a Promising Future
for At-Risk Kids

September 20, 2018

Tony recently attended the 2018 graduation ceremony for the Metropolitan Ministries Inside The Box Culinary Arts program. Not simply as an honored guest. No, no, our own Tony March was a graduate of the program!

“I’ve spent a lot of my time in the kitchen at Metropolitan Ministry,”  Tony says with a laugh. “It was finally time for me to improve my skills and get the job done more efficiently. Now I’m slicing and dicing like a pro.”

The program trains at-risk students for a career in the food service industry. They learn about food handling and high volume production, and gain cafeteria, restaurant and catering experience.

“We learned so much,”  Tony says. “Cuts of carrots, serving lobster, I even made a lemon meringue pie! These students are fully prepared and ready to work in any kitchen.”
As part of their training, every day the students work in the Metropolitan Ministries kitchen to provide meals for the 420 full-time residents, where Tony has volunteered hundreds of hours stirring and serving.

Tony’s classmates honored him by giving him the role of keynote speaker at graduation. In return, he praised the young students for their dedication, and assured them they are capable of great things.

“You can reach the top of your mountain,”  he said.

The graduates had a fantastic night, receiving their diplomas and chef’s jackets. They danced through the late hours of the night…and into a promising future.